Hello portfolio vistors! Welcome to a compilation of work that spans from academic coursework to fun, entertaining content.

My name is Kate Sieber, and I am a graduate of Elon University with a B.A. in Professional Writing Studies. My experience as an undergraduate allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding of the complex ways we communicate and continues to drive my interests as a working professional. Working in both creative and academic realms, I have had countless opportunities to generate a range of texts– there are two sides to everything I can create or write.

This portfolio explores my roles as an Activist, Advocate, and Entertainer. The sections I have defined express the different facets of my identity as someone who simply loves to write and create content enjoyable to everyone. Each represents the diverse texts I have created both as an undergraduate and in real world contexts. My portfolio consists of academic assignments, personal articles, and organizational projects that best represents the range of skills I have gained in my experience as a writer. From the quirky, humorous nature of memes, to the serious, informative nature of grant proposals, each piece defines me as a content creator.

Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio. Please enjoy.

Kate Sieber